Seguridad Operaciones Salvataje Ajustadores y Peritos de Seguros

Seguridad, Operaciones Salvataje Ajustadores y Peritos de Seguros S.A. (“S.O.S”) was incorporated in August 26th, 1982 registered in the Lima Mercantile Association under record N°41075, with the main purpose of reducing or eliminating the casualty rate registered these years in the Insurance market, which was about 120% in the Transportation Area.

Our Organization was the firm contributed and allowed Insurers to manage transportation risks with a better and higher perspective due to the fact that during these years there was no Business in the Insurance market to provide the Professional Service of Loss Prevention. We are pioneers and innovators in Prevention Integral Service (PIS) in Peru. Due to our service, casualty rate was reduced by 30%.

The Attitude and Mysticism showed by us allowed to be national and internationally recognized.

Our participation includes the arrival of shipment to ship warehouses and/or on deck, having a close relationship with different Deck Managers who provide us location on board of our load according to the Stowage Plan reading.

With regard to the Air Area, our personnel are awaiting the arrival of your goods 24 hours a day, which allow us to avoid pillages and shortages. Our inspectors have all kinds of safety material such as: sealers, stickers (void type), adhesive tape, metal and Hard Link with S.O.S. logo seals.

There is a large difference and marked distance between our services and the ones of other businesses that were created years after with the purpose of simulating and assuming a demand which was not possible for S.O.S. to handle, taking into account the number of clients which requested our Service because of good technical results.

We are backed by results based on trust placed on us by new and old clients feeling safe and calm for the professional management that we provide to their goods.

The main purpose and concern of our organization is to avoid loss and/or casualties to our Clients and Insurers. We seek not to report casualties except for acts of God, which are diligently handled by safeguarding and keeping our Clients and Insurers´ interests, being possible recovery actions against those who are liable for it.

Our activity is ruled and supervised by the Banking and Insurance Superintendence, which as of 1992 has officially incorporated our business under Registry N° APJ-006 to operate as Transportation Maritime Adjusters, Loss Accident Recorders and Damage Inspectors.

The S.O.S. main office is located at Av. La Marina 2270 office 303, San Miguel, which is implemented with state-of-the-art computer technology duly linked to maintain communication by email directly with Insurers, Insurance Brokers and/or our different individual clients. We want to emphasize that we use software allowing us to issue and send reports immediately after being received by our operation personnel placed on the different Terminals and/or Warehouses such as:

  • APM Terminals (Muelle Norte)
  • Alconsa
  • Contrans
  • Dp World (Muelle Sur)
  • Dinet Peru S.A.
  • Depósitos S.A, (Depsa)
  • Fargoline
  • Inversiones Maritimos Universales S.A. (Imupesa)
  • Logistica Integral Callao (Licsa)
  • Neptunia S.A.
  • Sajk Depot
  • Savar
  • Trabajos Maritimos (Tramarsa)
  • Terminales Portuarios Peruanos (TPP)
  • TLI
  • Unimar
  • Villas Oquendo

Also our Clients may visualize their load at the time of receipt (air) and/or unload (maritime) on the basis of the state-of-the-art technology support on portable equipment digital cameras and videos which are carried by our officers. We provide clients with confidence and trust that we obtain about images and results.

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  • Address: Pasaje Belén de Osma N°106 Of. 205 (Av. La Marina 2262) San Miguel – Lima – Lima
  • Telephone Exchange:    (511) - 562-2835
  • General Management:    Anexo 106
  • Central Management:    Anexo 103
  • Operations Dept. :    Anexo 104
  • Billings & Collections Dept. :   Anexo 107
  • Operator:   Anexo 101
  • Mobile Phone:   998188538