Seguridad Operaciones Salvataje Ajustadores y Peritos de Seguros

Caption of the photo: A picture where it can be seen precisely when the CPSU-601496-1 container is unloaded on the 2A Bay of T.P.C. One of our inspectors verifies the seal numeration and conditions according to the Bill of Lading and the Supervisor informs the S.O.S. Operation Center, the unloading time and conditions to inform our Client immediately.


Adhesive tapes: to repack and seal inventoried and bad condition bundles.

Void stickers: to seal and identify our load.


Sealer: it places 9/16” staples, ideal for sealing and closing bundles in bad condition.

Metal seals with S.O.S. logo: to seal cistern valves; cans; bottles skids among others.

Hard Link seals with S.O.S. logo: ideal for sealing containers and vans.

Our Surveyor’s installs Sealock padlocks in Units carrying high risk goods.